David Boreanaz to Direct BONES Again

David Boreanaz - Bones

I just spoke this morning to David Boreanaz, who of course plays the brilliant Booth on BONES.

I decided to ask him about his directing of an episode of Bones and whether he wanted to direct another one maybe next season. To which he responded:

“Yeah, I’m gonna do it, definitely, definitely gonna be directing.”

Take note Bones fans, David Boreanaz will be putting on his directing cap once more. Something that the cast might not be too excited about since David Boreanaz explained that he likes to speak in metaphors, that sometimes only mean something to him. Haha.

And for those who were worried about the season finale with Booth not recognizing Brennan, relax. David Boreanaz did mention that the amnesia wouldn’t last for too many episodes.

This is of course part of a longer interview which I will be posting later today, so keep an eye out.