EXPEDITION AFRICA on History Channel Review

Expedition Africa

Tonight, the History channel will premiere a new eight-part television event, EXPEDITION AFRICA: STANLEY & LIVINGSTONE. The show follows a group of explorers who will travel 970 miles through African terrain using only a compass and basic maps. The goal: relive Stanley’s perilous journey to find Dr. David Livingstone.

Personally, Expedition Africa is not my cup of tea. Watching people walking through bushes and swamps, just didn’t not capture my interest at all. Maybe it’s because I don’t like trekking, or camping or anything like that, it’s hard for me to find their expedition interesting. Plus, in general I am not a big reality show fan.

I can’t say that the explorers were that interesting to follow either. I don’t think I really related to any of them or that any really stood out to me as someone I would like to watch week after week.

However, I did hear that a lot of people did enjoy the show, so maybe if the subject matter sounds interesting to you, you might want to give it a shot.

Overall, I don’t think the format is all that original, it’s a typical reality show, with a different main story. But to be perfectly objective, the subject matter is not really something that holds any interest for me, so that might have been one of the main reason that I didn’t find the show as entertaining as others did.

Expedition Africa premieres tonight, Sunday May 31 at 10pm on the History channel. You can watch the promo below.