Tonight, May 27, A&E will premiere its new real life series, TATTOO HIGHWAY, at 10pm.

Tattoo Highway follows Thomas Pendelton (star of former A&E’s “Inked”) and his mobile tattoo shop as they go on the road to different cities including Los Angeles, Phoenix and Salt Lake City meeting people that they will tattoo and learning about their true life stories.

After watching the first episode, I can say that Tattoo Highway is pretty much Miami Ink on wheel. I personally really enjoy watching Miami Ink and so enjoyed Tattoo Highway as well. Although I have to say that so far I feel that some of the stories of the people they tattoo are a little less compelling than in Miami Ink or LA Ink. I’m not sure why yet, maybe it’s the way the show is edited together.

On the other side, I feel we take more of a journey with Thomas Pendelton that will not only change the lives of people he tattoos, but also his life.

I am usually not a fan of reality shows, but these types of series are different because they show a real life stories. So if you too enjoy these stories or just like tattoos, you might want to give Tattoo Highway a chance when it premieres tonight at 10pm on A&E.

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