AMERICAN IDOL “Winner Announced” Review

Kris Allen

The time has finally come to crown a winner for AMERICAN IDOL Season 8.

It was kind of weird seeing the Top 13 back on stage and to be honest there are some of the contestants that I had totally forgotten about, and realized America made the right decision by sending them home.

Of course we got the typical performance of the contestants with celebrities, but I do have to mention the Black Eyed Peas’ performance, which was really awesome. But of course Fox had to spoil it all by cutting away in the middle of the performance, really?! Are you kidding me? Why would you invite them to perform if you’re not going to let them do their thing?

And after a long night, it was time to crown the new winner of American Idol. And the winner is…

Kris Allen

And I say, what?!! Not a huge disappointment, but still it would have been nice for Adam Lambert to win. Either way, as I said before both of them will go on to do something. Plus Kris Allen was very humble about winning and I think out of the two the song fit his voice better (even though I still don’t like the song that much).

So how do you guys feel about Kris Allen winning American Idol?