THE OFFICE “Company Picnic” Review

Ed Helms as Andy Bernard, Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute

What did you think of tonight’s season finale of THE OFFICE, “Company Picnic”?

Really, The Office, only 30 minutes for your season finale? Lame. I felt the same way tonight as I did at the beginning of this season – there are way too many great characters and awesome story lines to squeeze into a lousy 30 minutes. It felt like it was over in about 2 seconds! I would have liked to see more development with the corporate guys and also the Michael/Holly story.

Besides all my complaining, I have to say it was a really good episode (even if it felt short) and a fun way to end the season with Pam and Jim. So do you think Pam is preggers!? It certainly looked that way!! I thought she only hurt her foot? Remind me never to go to her Podiatrist. Also, who knew Dwight had a best friend?? He may have actually been creepier than Dwight. Something I really liked about this season is how Dwight has been teaming up with Jim and Pam. Like tonight when he helped set the clocks back in Michael’s car and then later stalled the volleyball game was hilarious.

Was anybody else surprised by the appearance of Holly? I had all but given up on her returning to the show. I forgot how awesome she is (toothbrush? lol). I think a lot of folks have unfortunately been dealing with layoffs lately and I have to say, I think “Slumdudermifflinare” is the perfect vehicle to deliver such news. Way better than being called into a room and given a pink slip. I think companies across the country should follow suit. My favorite line by far though was when Andy called Dwight “Bromigo.” Classic. I’m going to file that right under “Boom. Roasted” as the best catch phrase of the year. Lastly, were there possible sparks between Dwight and Angela tonight? Interesting… Does anybody want to make their predictions for next season?