FAMILY GUY “Peter’s Progress” (Season 7 Episode 16)

Family Guy "Peter's Progress"

Take a sneak peek at FAMILY GUY‘s “Peter’s Progress” (Season 7 Episode 16) airing this Sunday May 17 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Episode Synopsis: FAMILY GUY “Peter’s Progress” (Season 7 Episode 16) – Peter has his palm read by a psychic who reveals that he had a fascinating past life as Griffin Peterson, a dignified gentleman who vied for the love of Lady Redbush in 17th century England and in the newly founded American colony of Quahog. It was a time of great love and adventure where King Stewart reigned supreme, the smartest dog in the room was the court jester, army lieutenants were merely boys and even old England loved “How I Met Your Mother” (Jason Segel, Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Radnor guest-voice) in the “Peter’s Progress” season finale episode of FAMILY GUY airing Sunday, May 17 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Voice Cast: Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin, Strawberry Peter, Griffin Peterson, Stewie Griffin, King Stewart, Brian Griffin, Jester Brian, Quagmire, Carter Redbush, Colonial Tom Tucker, Harry McAfee, a Onlooker, a Professional Man and Jack the Ripper; Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin and Lady Redbush; Seth Green as Chris Griffin and Lieutenant Chris; Mila Kunis as Meg and Megan Brownbush; Mike Henry as Cleveland and Colonel Cleveland

Guest Voice Cast: Alec Sulkin as Alan Rickman, Court Servant and Footman; Johnny Brenna as Colonial Mort; John Viener as Crossarmed Guy #1, Madame Claude, a Professional Man and Tribune; Danny Smith as Crossarmed Guy #2, an Onlooker and a Professional Man; Jason Segel as himself; Patrick Warburton as Joe, Octopus Joe and Colonial Joe; Josh Radnor as himself; Alexander Siddig as Lead Archer and an Onlooker; Neil Patrick Harris as himself; Mark Hentemann as Other Audience Member and Martin Savage as Priest; Devanney as a Professional Man

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