SUPERNATURAL “Lucifer Rising” Review

Jared Padalecki as Sam, Genevieve Cortese as Ruby in SUPERNATURAL

I was right when I said that tonight’s season finale of SUPERNATURAL would be ending with a pretty amazing cliffhanger, but what I didn’t expect was to get my second “fade to white” ending (the other one happened last night on Lost). So I gotta ask, is white the new black?

But let’s move on to what we really care about Lucifer Rising…literally.

Who would’ve have thought that Ruby had been bad all along. And to think that I actually liked her… well at least when Katie Cassidy was portraying her last season. This season I started liking her a little less, but still.

And the Angels, they’re as bad as the demons. Is there no one out there to save us?

I gotta say that the Supernatural team brought it home tonight with Lucifer actually rising, which shouldn’t have surprised us since that was the title of the episode, but I didn’t think that they were actually going to bring him back. Or at least I hoped that Dean and Sam would send him back to hell. But I guess that will be for next season.

One thing is for sure, Supernatural knows how to get you on the edge of your seat and make you scream when they end the episode the way they did. Even though I’m excited it’s summertime, I cannot wait for Fall to have the Winchester brothers back on my TV.

There is however one disappointing thing about tonight’s episode of Supernatural, we didn’t get to see the showdown between Sam and Dean. I gotta admit I was kind of curious to find out who would win. But I guess there is always next season.

What did you guys think of Lucifer rising? Were you disappointed that we didn’t get the Dean and Sam face off some of us were expecting?

(P.S. Who else loves the recaps Supernatural style with music? Tonight’s song was Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son.”)