Harper’s Island Victim #5 is…

Joel Booth "The Nerd" (Sean Rogerson)

… Joel Booth aka “The Nerd”

1) The death this week was so under played that I didn’t really realized when it happened. I mean Booth got shot in the leg (we’re not really sure how) and he apparently seems to die. Now for those who have seen Scream, could this be a trick death?

2) I can never seem to pick the right victims. In fact my pick for this week, Richard, ended up saving Trish’s life in the end, although I still think he’s creepy.

3) Now I don’t know who I’m going to pick as the victim for next week. How about I throw a dart? And the winner (or loser?) is: Cal

What about you guys? How did you feel about Booth dying? And who’s your pick for next week (remember you can take your pick from the remaining contestants)?