LOST “The Variable” Review


[Editor’s Note: Amie will be taking a couple of weeks off, and so I will be taking over for the Lost review and hopefully making her proud.]

What did you think of LOST “The Variable”?

This was Lost‘s 100th episode and it came with quite a few revelations especially about Daniel.

I have to start with Daniel being Widmore’s son (and Penny’s brother), wait what? Although, I have to say I kind of saw it coming when Widmore came to speak with Daniel and said that he was an old friend of his mom (an alarm in my head went off… this is Lost, there are no accidents).

But probably the craziest thing was that Daniel was shot by his own mom, who knew that was going to happen when she sent him back to the island… how messed up is that?! I really hope there is a bigger purpose to their plan.

By the way did anyone notice that the actress portraying Ellie in this episode (Alice Evans) is not the same one that portrayed her the first time we met her in “Jughead,” that was Alexandra Krosney. A little confusing if you’re not good with names.

But let’s talk about Daniel’s theory about variables. Everything having to do with time travel is so complex I’m almost hesitating talking about it, but I must. So if I understand this right, Daniel said “Whatever happened, happened and we can’t change it.” But in this episode he explained how he only looked at the constants and forgot to take into account the variables (or the people that came back to the island), which means they can after all change the future. However, there is a flaw in Daniel’s theory: They cannot be variables if Daniel’s mom knew that he was going to be there and that she would shoot him (“Whatever happened, happened”). They aren’t variables, they are constants because they were already there and have already done that. Does any of this make sense? Now if you agree with me doesn’t that mean that whatever Jack, Kate and co. want to do in next week’s episode (after watching the promo) is bound to fail?

What I understand from that whole variable theory is that there really isn’t any variable that would allow them to change what happened, so what Daniel originally told them was right, you can’t change anything. Does anyone have any other thoughts on this?

Plus I have to ask, do the people from the island really want to change what happened to them? Would their life have been so much better without the plane crash? Kate was going to jail, Jack had a pretty pathetic life, Sawyer was a con artist who didn’t care for anyone, Hurley was cursed, Sayid was looking for Nadia, and Sun and Jin were not happy together. Just something to think about.

Also I have to mention how sad it was to see Daniel talking with young Charlotte knowing what will happen to her.

And I have to admit, I’m really sad Daniel is dead, he was one of my favorite and he kind of seemed to be the only one who knew a little more about what was happening.

And to end I have to mention that Radzinsky finally had his suspicions confirmed. I wouldn’t want to mess with him (wasn’t he the one who wanted to shoot Sayid?) and I wonder what he’s going to do to Sawyer now that he knows he’s not LaFleur.

What did you guys think of Daniel’s death at the hands of his own mother? Are you going to miss him? And should the gang try to change their plane crash?