AMERICAN IDOL “1 Out of 5 Eliminated” Review

Last night was probably the most shocking elimination so far on AMERICAN IDOL Season 8.

Why? Well because not only were my top 2 favorite in the bottom three, but Adam Lambert was in the bottom two (with Matt), WTF?!!

Matt Giraud, Adam Lambert, Ryan Seacrest

Having Adam Lambert is so shocking that I am considering that Fox maybe put him there, thinking that it would boosts the votes. I’m just saying you never know, ha!

But on a more serious note, I am glad Adam will be sticking around another week.

It’s too bad that Matt Giraud was eliminated, but I guess it was about time. To me Adam and Kris should be in the finale, but I guess we’ll find out soon if America agrees with me.

What about you guys? Were you as shocked as I was that Adam Lambert was in the bottom two?