THE OFFICE “Broke” Review

The Office Cast

What did you think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Broke”?

I’m sort of upset that the ‘Michael Scott Paper Company’ is going away so soon. I think they could have taken that story line a lot further. The past few episodes have been so refreshingly awesome; the writers could have gotten at least another 3 or 4 more episodes out of it! Ryan has a MBA for Christ sake! How hard can it be to price paper? Maybe all the drugs affected his brain. That would also explain his new hair style. I hope they at least keep the Korean church van, that thing was awesome.

Also, how great was it that Ryan never went to Thailand, lol! I wonder what his new position is going to be at Dunder? Good on Pam getting the sales job. I think she’s going to do a great job and may even be some competition for Jim, Andy, and Dwight. This could even cause some trouble in paradise for ole Jim and Pam? I hope not! It was pretty funny that Charles’ dislike of Jim ended up biting him in the arse when it came to David Wallace. Also, is Charles still going to be Michael’s boss? If so, AWKWARD! Honestly though, he had it coming. Who in their right mind would think Dwight has more potential than Jim?

Michael did an amazing job at negotiating the buyout deal. He straight up ‘boom roasted’ David Wallace, well, until he said “Our balls are in your court.” As I’ve said before, my favorite ‘Michael’ moments are those where he surprises you by acting normal and somewhat competent. I was sure he was going to screw up the deal, but he ended up getting the offer increased from $12k to $60k, to the 3 of them getting their jobs back. I’m sure he will be back to his stupid self next week 🙂