THE MIGHTY BOOSH on iTunes and Adult Swim

The Mighty Boosh

Season 3 of the UK comedy series, THE MIGHT BOOSH, is now available on iTunes in the U.S. Even better, the first episodes are offered at a discounted rate.

In addition, The Mighty Boosh has joined the Adult Swim Sunday line-up, with episodes airing weekly at 1am. New episodes will be available on the iTunes Store each week following broadcast.

Some of you might remember that a while back, David put The Mighty Boosh as his #5 TV show of all time. And so I think this might be worth checking out.

Synopsis: The third season of The Mighty Boosh sees Vince Noir (Noel Fielding, IT Crowd) and Howard Moon (Julian Barratt, Nathan Barley) working in Naboo’s second hand shop in Dalston. Needless to say they don’t get much work done. This doesn’t bother Naboo too much, firstly as the shop is really only a cover for his shady interplanetary Shaman business and secondly, he’s usually quite chilled out from sampling his own magical herbs and remedies.