SUPERNATURAL “Jump The Shark” Videos

Jensen Ackles - Supernatural

SUPERNATURAL returns this Thursday, April 23, with an all new episode, “Jump The Shark,” and we have a couple of clips to share with you. Check them out below.

[flashvideo file=videos/cw/supernatural/supernatural_419a.flv width=480 height=360 image= /]
[flashvideo file=videos/cw/supernatural/supernatural_419b.flv width=480 height=360 image= /]

Synopsis: “Jump The Shark” – When Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) receive a call on their father’s cell phone by someone claiming to be his son Adam, they’re convinced it’s a demon trying to set them up and go to meet him. What they discover is a surprising revelation that not only reopens an old investigation from their father’s hunting past, but stirs up profound reactions from the boys as well.