IN PLAIN SIGHT “Gilted Lily” Review

Liza Weil as Angela, Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon, Ellen Holman as Alice, Will Estes as Henry

Tonight, we got to see the second season premiere of IN PLAIN SIGHT, “Gilted Lily.”

Aren’t you glad to have Mary and Marshall back? I am. However, I must confess that I wasn’t as excited about this premiere as I hoped I would. The episode was good, but only good enough for a middle of the season episode. I was expecting more for the season premiere.

The good news is we did get some great guest stars. Liza Weil (“Gilmore Girls”) and Will Estes (“American Dreams”) starred as siblings in the witness protection program, who become suspects in the death of their mother.

We also got some new blood in the office, which didn’t seem to please Mary too much, not that I can blame her.

The bad news is Mary’s boring mother and sister are still in the picture, and I still can’t find it in me to care about their storyline.

Overall, I am just glad the show is back, but I do hope we’ll get to see some more drama, especially some Mary/Marshall drama.

What did you guys think of tonight’s episode of In Plain Sight? Are you glad to have Mary and Marshall back on TV? Were you expecting a better premiere or did this live up to your expectations?