THE OFFICE “Heavy Competition” Review

The Office Cast

What did you think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Heavy Competition”?

I wonder how many times they had to rehearse that cheese puff scene? Especially the part where all 3 of them caught it at the same time lol! When Michael said a few weeks ago “You don’t even know how high I can fly”, I laughed. I honestly didn’t think he’d have a shot at running a successful business, but I was wrong. Egg on my face! I feel like the audience of Britain’s got talent during Susan Boyle’s performance.
Michael is actually a great salesman. He managed to have a full meeting with Dwight’s biggest client and he didn’t make me cringe once! He actually came off as sane. Even though I can’t say the same for Dwight, his “spin move” maneuver was pretty freaking awesome! The apprentice definitely got schooled by the master there. How funny was it when Dwight changed into his traditional, mustard colored shirt before interrupting Michael’s meeting? It was like watching Clark Kent turn into Superman.

It was so cold blooded of him to sell Michael out to Charles though! I think what Michael did may have actually been worse. Not only did he get a meeting with Dwight’s biggest client, he left the phone on so Dwight could hear him do it. LOL! Not even Jim is that good! I hope we see more “sane” Michael in future episodes. I also loved the pranks from Dwight, although stealing Michael’s rolodex didn’t seem to work out too well for him, “how’s your gay son”?

Great side story with Jim and Andy tonight. Andy: “Let me be your traveling pants.” LOL! Andy is awesome. It was also cool to see Jim pick on somebody besides Dwight for a change. I thought Andy’s a cappella bass solo was amazing! Not worth 9k though…