Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, Paul Schneider as Mark Brendanawicz

What did you think of tonight’s episode of PARKS AND RECREATIONS, “Canvassing”?

Fool me once, NBC, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! Tonight’s second episode of Parks and Recreations confirmed that Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) was manufactured to be exactly the same as Michael Scott from The Office. I honestly had to do a double taken to make sure it wasn’t Steve Carell in a blonde wig. She even got the cringe factor in there during the public forum! It was very similar to the “Lecture Circuit” debacle from The Office. I think Tom (Aziz Ansari), is intended to be the “Jim” of the show (smarter than Leslie, oddly handsome, looks at the camera a lot).
Also, let me be clear about something. It’s not that I dislike this show because it’s a rip off; I dislike it because it’s a bad rip off. I don’t mind me a good rip off when it’s done correctly (examples: RC Cola, Family Guy, Elvis, Del Taco). BUT, if you are going to steal somebody else’s idea, at least try to make it better. That’s what the ‘American’ Office did.

I think what makes The Office so successful is the large cast of awesome characters. Every scene is hilarious and each character brings something to the show. This is what Parks is lacking. Ansari and Jones are great supporting actors, but the show is still falling short on laughs. That’s not to say it didn’t have its moments, I definitely laughed at least once (I think it was the band name “Just The Tip”). However, without better characters and dialogue to carry it from start to finish, I can’t see the show lasting. Now that I think of it, wasn’t “Just The Tip” a line from Wedding Crashers? Sigh… I give this show 4 more episodes before its canned.