LOST “Some Like It Hoth” Review

Lost Cast

What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “Some Like It Hoth”?

How awesome have the conversations between Miles and Hurley been lately? I agree with Hurley, his ability to speak to the dead seems way better than Miles. I also liked learning more about Miles during his back story tonight. He’s never been one of my favorite characters but he’s started to grow on me (maybe it was the punk rock outfit). It’s crazy that Dr. Chang is his father! He doesn’t even seem weirded out by the fact that his mom and his 3 month old self are on the island as well. I guess if you can speak to the dead, nothing much can surprise you. He did seem to get a little emotional towards the end of the show. I hope they develop the relationship between him and Dr. Chang more.

Something that Naomi said was really interesting. She said in a flashback that there are “deceased individuals residing on the island.” What the hell does that mean? There are plenty of dead people buried there, but I wouldn’t say they are residing there. Was she saying that there are dead people living on the island? That would actually make sense. If so, what is the difference between ghosts like Christian that seem to come and go as they please and people like John Locke who was brought back to life? Are there different levels of ghostliness? Did the others have to bring young Ben back to life? Is he a ghost?

Does anyone have any good theories about the people in the van that kidnapped Miles? We know that they don’t work for Widmore. I’m dying to know what lies beneath the shadow of the statue! Is it a code? Or maybe an entrance to some sort of hatch or temple? I noticed that Miles kidnappers were dressed all in black, and so was the guy in the body bag, and so was Faraday when he got off the sub. Are they all connected? I know if Hurley was here he’d make some sort of Darth Vader comparison. I love Hurley…