HARPER’S ISLAND – Character/Suspect Pictures

Last night, HARPER’S ISLAND 13-week mystery even started on CBS. And as you know by now, each week the show will claim a new victim, so I thought it would be the right time to meet all 25 characters. And then each week, I’ll write about the latest victim (and obviously who is ruled out as the potential killer, unless they do something a la “Scream,” but that would be cheating).

So let’s meet the people and potential victims from Harper’s Island.

Trish Wellington (Katie Cassidy) Henry Dunn (Christopher Gorham)
Abby Mills (Elaine Cassidy) Beth Barrington (Amber Borycki)
Joel Booth (Sean Rogerson) Cal Vandeusen (Adam Campbell)
Chloe Carter (Cameron Richardson) Danny Brooks (Brandon Jay McLaren)
Hunter Jennings (Victor Webster) J.D. Dunn (Dean Chekvala)
Jimmy Mance (C.J. Thomason) Kelly Seaver (Ana Mae Routledge)
Lucy Daramour (Sarah Smyth) Madison Allen (Cassandra Sawtell)
Maggie Krell (Beverley Elliott) Malcolm Ross (Chris Gauthier)
Thomas Wellington (Richard Burgi) Katherine Wellington (Claudette Mink)
Nikki Bolton (Ali Liebert) Richard Allen - Harper's Island
Shane Pierce (Ben Cotton) Shea Allen (Gina Holden)
Sheriff Charlie Mills (Jim Beaver) Christopher "Sully" Sullivan (Matt Barr)
Uncle Marty Dunn (Harry Hamlin)