THE OFFICE “Dream Team” & “Michael Scott Paper Company” Review

The Office

What did you think of tonight’s two episodes of the THE OFFICE, “Dream Team” and “Michael Scott Paper Company”?

All I can say is well played NBC. You spaced two episodes of The Office in between your new show Parks and Recreations. And guess what? It worked, cuz I watched it all ha-ha. So even though the two episodes were spaced an hour apart, they were basically like one long episode.

I loved watching Kevin answer the phones and Michael pulling a Sharon Stone in the chair to Pam. Thank god for the pixilated screen. I was disappointed in Jim for selling out and pretending he played soccer. Even so, it was not his fault that Charles hit Phyllis in the face. Poor Jim, he just can’t do anything right by this guy. Did anyone else laugh when Phyllis got hit?

Also, how awesome is Vicrum? He had my favorite quote of the show, “Confidence is the food of the wise man but the liquor of the fool.” So wise and awesome. I was actually really sad to see him get out of the car. I have a feeling that is not the last we see of Vicrum…at least I hope not.

I’m still not sure how I feel about Ryan. He use to be my least favorite character on the show, but tonight changed my mind a bit. He hit rock bottom while working at the bowling alley and dying his hair blond, and I love me a good comeback story. He started to grow on me during the car scene, “Do you want to hear about Thailand? Indescribable.” But then, just when I though I’ve been wrong about him this whole time, he referred to Pam as a 6 in New York and a 7 in Scranton. What?? Pam is a hottie Ryan, you should be so lucky!

I have a similar feeling towards Michael. He’s the Jerry Seinfeld of the show for me. He’s funny, but he never has the best jokes on the show. Also, unlike Jerry Seinfeld, he can often annoy me and make me cringe to the point I want to turn off the TV. Then, just when I think I can’t take him anymore, he has a serious discussion with Pam and actually makes sense. I was impressed when he found office space and threatened to pop a six pack of whoop ass on Charles. They even made a sale by the end of the show. Maybe they actually have a chance for success??

I’m not sure where this new story line is going with Dwight and Andy, but I like it. Of course Andy would have to be amazing at the banjo lol. That just makes perfect sense for some reason. I also hope that Jim’s RRun Down” doesn’t come back to haunt him. Why didn’t he just ask Charles to explain it to him??