LOST “Dead Is Dead” Review

Lost Cast

What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “Dead Is Dead”?

All I can say is it’s about time we got some more answers! Wow, what a huge episode. There is so much to discuss tonight so I guess I’ll just dive right in. I thought it was interesting that Alpert referenced Jacob in the flashback. So we know that Jacob has been around since at least the 70s, although my guess is that he’s been around since the beginning of the island. Also, I was under the impression that Widmore left the island when he was a young man. However, we learn that he was coming and going until he was in his 40s or 50s. Penny’s mom was an “outsider”, but did Widmore ever bring her or Penny to the island?

Another thing I found interesting was when Ben said, “every time you hear whispers, you run the other way”. It was nice hearing one of the “others” acknowledge the whispers being real. Ben also said a couple other things, and I’m not sure if I believe him. First, he claims to have no idea of Jack, Hurley, Kate, and them being in Dharma. On one hand, this makes sense because he probably lost some of his memory after going to the others. However, nothing ever seems to escape Ben’s notice so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was lying. The other thing was when he said “Dead Is Dead” and that he was just as surprised as anyone that Locke was alive. Given the number of “ghosts” we’ve seen on the show, I find it doubtful that “Dead is Dead” or that Ben doesn’t know this. He didn’t seem frightened or surprised to see Alex’s ghost for one.

I loved Ben and Locke’s conversation about why Ben killed him. They were both so nonchalant about the whole thing. It definitely looks like Locke is wearing the pants in the relationship now. Ben had a good run though. I thought it was pretty awesome when he killed Caesar – that guy was annoying! I’m curious if Ben will keep his word with Alex/The Black Smoke and follow Locke? Honestly, I can’t see him keeping his word, but he may not have a choice?

Then there was that weirdness with the curly haired woman that arrested Sayid. She said, “what lies in the shadow of the statue”? What the heck was that about?! Is she an “other”? I don’t remember Ben showing her any recognition when he saw her on the plane? Also there was a guy with her when everything went down. Is he an “other” too?

Then lastly we got to see what happened at the marina. Ben shoots Desmond (bastard!), and is about to let Penny and Charlie go when BAM, Desmond kicks the crap out of him and leaves him for dead. I’ll see you in another life, mother ______! (Said in a Scottish accent).