Kal Penn & Executive Producers Talk About HOUSE’s Episode “Simple Explanation”

Kal Penn - House

[This post contains SPOILERS if you haven’t watched House yet.]

After last night’s pretty shocking HOUSE episode “Simple Explanation” which featured Dr. Kutner’s (Kal Penn) unexpected suicide, I am sure a lot of you are left wondering what in the world happened.

Well, earlier this morning, Kal Penn, and executive producers Katie Jacobs and David Shore, took some time to talk to the press about Kal Penn’s decision to leave House, as well as how Kutner’s death will affect the rest of the characters.

In case you’re wondering, Kal Penn wasn’t fired, he decided to leave the show because he was offered a position as an associate director in the White House office of public liaison. That’s right, Kal Penn is joining President Obama’s administration and heading out to D.C. next week. This position is similar to what he was doing during the campaign. Two of the communities that he will be the point person for are the arts and asian-american.

So does that mean Kal Penn has put acting behind him? No. Even though you won’t be seeing him in any new parts while he’s working in the White House, Kal Penn hasn’t shut the door on acting. So there’s a chance he might come back to it. In the meantime, this means no more “Harold and Kumar” movies.

But back to House and Kutner’s death. Kal Penn was as shocked as we were when he first heard about it. He even asked David Shore (executive producer) if there was anything he should change in his performance, but the answer he got was “‘Not really’. This really is something that just comes out of left field in episode 20. We don’t want to lead anyone on, and we also don’t want to mislead anyone. It just is what it is, and there’s no explanation for it.” So for all of you out there who wanted to re-watch the episodes to find some hidden signs, you won’t find any.

The other question I’m sure a lot of you have on your mind is how is Kutner’s death going to affect House and his team. Well it was time to ask Katie Jacobs and David Shore about it.

According to them, this death will resonate at least through the rest of the season. Everybody will process it differently.

In fact, Cameron and Chase’s reaction will be brought to the forefront. We will find out that they do not have a unified reaction. And I have to wonder if this could mean some trouble in their relationship.

However, Kutner’s death will have the greatest impact on House, which is part of the reason they decided to make the death so abrupt. For the “man who craves answers to not have an answer.” House will not be at peace because he is unable to rest with the idea that he did not see it coming and cannot explain it. He is the one who has the least ability to cope with it. He has no family to go home to.

As of now, there aren’t any plans to bring a replacement for Kutner.

I am personally really excited to find out what the writers have in store for us on House. This death is bound to bring about some powerful episodes.

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