IN TREATMENT Season 2 Premiere “Week One” Review

In Treatment

After a wonderful and intense first season, HBO’s IN TREATMENT is back for its second season starting tonight, April 5th, at 9pm with back to back episodes.

Same therapist, different patients.

In Treatment is one of the best, most original, well-acted series that have braced our screen in a while. It follows a therapist and his patients’ weekly sessions. Each week we get 5 new episodes, each featuring a different patient and story. If you haven’t seen the first season, then I would highly suggest you go out and rent it and/or just tune in for Season 2.

For this new season, Gabriel Byrne reprises his role as Dr. Paul Weston, and he is once again brilliant. If I ever had to go to therapy I do hope I would have someone as patient and insightful as Paul to guide me. This time, he has some new patients and one familiar face, so how about we meet them.

On Sundays, we’ll get to meet Mia (Hope Davis), a litigation attorney who handles Paul’s malpractice suit until she decides to go back to therapy with him. Her and Paul also have a past that I think will provide some great conflict between the two characters.

Also on Sunday is April (Alison Pill), who is seriously ill but can’t seem to accept it. I wonder if she will be a Sophie-type patient.

On Mondays we’ll first meet Oliver (Aaron Shaw), a young boy dealing with his parents’ divorce. Paul will not only have to deal with him, but also his parents’ relationship with him.

Following Oliver, we meet Walter (John Mahoney), a successful CEO who comes to see Paul after his wife urges him to. His sessions will prove that there are some deeper issues that need to be fixed.

Finally, Mondays will end with Paul’s regular session with Gina (Dianne Wiest), his own therapist. Although the first visit is more casual/friendly, Paul will be getting back into therapy soon.

All I can say is that if you enjoyed season one, then you’ll enjoy season two as well. Everything that made In Treatment what it was is back and we get to discover some new ways that Paul will help people, as well as how he’s going to fix his own life.

After only watching the first five episodes, I am hooked once more and am looking forward to what seems to be another intense and fascinating season.

Don’t forget to tune in and watch In Treatment tonight at 9pm on HBO, and don’t miss the second part starting on Sunday, April 6, at 9pm.