MISTRESSES Season 2 Premiere (BBC America)

Mistresses Season 2

So you guys fell in love with season one of MISTRESSES and tonight, March 3rd, BBC America will premiere the second season of the show.

So what will become of Katie, Trudi, Siobhan, and Jessica? Well, you won’t have to wait long to find out.

Having seen the first episode, I can tell you that this is the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of all four women and if you enjoyed the first season, then you’ll definitely enjoy finding out what new drama will befall each of them once again.

After her affair with father and son, Katie has sworn off relationships for a while, but as you probably guessed, this won’t last very long.

Trudi is trying to get to the next level of her relationship with Richard.

Jessica is, well, Jessica. Although you might be surprised to learn she might have found her other half.

And finally, as for Siobhan, she is still trying to work things out with Hari. But I gotta admit having lost all sympathy for her. I do hope she will redeem herself during the rest of the season.

Overall, it’s quite a great second season premiere and Mistresses continues to be one of the best shows on television.

With that say make sure you don’t miss tonight’s season two premiere of Mistresses at 8pm on BBC America.