LOST “Whatever Happened, Happened” Review

Miles, Hurley - Lost

What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “Whatever Happened, Happened”?

I loved the debate Hurley and Miles had regarding time travel. It reminded me of the discussions we’ve been having on the blog. At least they are just as confused as we are. It was awesome that Hurley saw the whole “Back To The Future” connection too. I think Miles may have been right though, they can’t do anything to change the future.

Why did they bring back Cassidy? I can’t see them re-introducing her for just tonight’s show. She must play a larger role in future episodes. Especially since Kate told her basically everything that happened on the island. Kate couldn’t keep her mouth shut this episode, could she? She also told Claire’s mom the truth, but I’m glad since it puts Aaron in good hands. Do you think Cassidy or Claire’s mom will tell anyone Kate’s secret? And what’s all this about Claire being alive? I thought she died? We never actually saw her die, but the last time we saw her, she was in Jacob’s cabin looking all ghost-like with Jack’s dad (who is also supposed to be dead). If she is alive, maybe she stayed back to get to know her real dad?

I also didn’t understand why Kate and Sawyer tried so hard to save Ben. They know what a bastardo he’s going to turn out to be. Also, if they truly cared about him, why would they turn him over to Alpert after he said, “he’ll never be the same when we’re done with him and his innocence will be gone.” LOL! What are they planning to do to poor Ben? If I ever end up in that situation I hope whoever is calling the shots will just let me croak. I think it’s safe to assume that young Ben is not going to die now.

Also did you see the previews for next week? Ben said he came back to the island for his judgment, which I’m guessing is going to be the black smoke thing? If that’s true, isn’t it sort of like committing suicide? I can’t see Ben passing any sort of test that casts judgment on someone. It also looks like we might find out how Ben got beaten up! Can’t wait 🙂