GREEK “Take Me Home Cyprus Rhodes” Review (ABC Family)


After months of waiting, GREEK is finally back and better than ever. Ok maybe that’s not totally accurate, but it sure does have a really great first episode on its first night back.

Casey returns from her internship, but turns out it wasn’t all that she expected.

There are also changes happening at the Sorority house, especially with Franny opening her own house. But of course the question on everybody’s mind is who did Rebecca decide to go with. Well… of course I’m not going to tell you, but I will say this, it’s not exactly what you would expect.

But what about the boys, well Max does return, so if you’re a fan of his and Casey you should be very excited. Although Cappie does not seem to be excited about it himself.

Overall, this is a really great Greek episode. It got me so excited for what’s coming that I couldn’t wait for more after watching the first episode.

Don’t forget to watch Greek when it returns tonight, Monday March 30th at 8pm on ABC Family.