The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency Review


I just finished watching the first episode of The new HBO Series The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency with Jill Scott who plays Precious Ramotswe, a charming and spunky lady who decides to launch Botswana’s first female-run detective agency which is called The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. This story was taken from a series of book from Alexander McCall Smith

What can I say about this show? TaWell, it is by far one of the most incredibly cool new shows on TV. My jaw dropped to how authentic and charming this little show came off looking. So many things were put together to make this work seamlessly. Let me quickly list them off.

First, the fantastic dialogue and story telling were just incredibly well married. The stories in The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency are interesting and compelling and the dialogue is original in an unpretentious way. Anyone who has ever lived in Africa will feel right at home with some of the themes that will be addressed but also with some of the attitudes and expressions you can expect there (And Yes, I know what I am talking about).

Second, the acting is just fantastic. Jill Scott brings it like it has never been “broughten” in her portrayal of Precious, one of the most interesting characters on TV today. You just can’t help be enchanted by her quirkiness but also her kindness. Think of her as an african “Amelie Poulain”.

Lastly, the visuals are just incredible. Africa is simply the most beautiful continent in the world and this show does an excellent job of emphasizing it. The camera work of Anthony Minghella (who passed away since shooting this episode) really brings out the potent beauty of Botswana. Hell, I want to go there now.

Essentially, this is a must watch. If you don’t have HBO, get it because it is definitely worth it.

The new HBO Series The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency episode 1 airs this Sunday March 29 at 8 pm.

You can watch a preview of the episode below.