THE OFFICE “Two Weeks” Review

The Office Cast

What did you think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Two Weeks”?

I thought it was funny that last week I described Michael’s freak out as “Jerry McGuire Worthy” and this week Pam walked out with Michael just like Renee Zellweger. I guess she was tired of answering phones and fixing fax machines. I don’t think she’s going to find success working with Michael though. Did anyone else notice that Michael called Prince Paper for a job? The same place that him and Dwight worked to put out of business lol.

I really thought that out of everybody it would be Dwight who would have gone with Michael. I guess his loyalty only stretches so far (not to say that I blame him). Andy would have been my second choice, he always seemed so eager to please everyone. Pam would have been towards the bottom of my list, especially after the lecture circuit. I can’t wait to see Kevin as the receptionist. I think it’s going to make everyone appreciate Pam all the more. And Stanley as productivity czar? The guy that does cross word puzzles in team meetings is going to give reports on productivity; this is going to be good.

What’s going to become of Michael now? Will he go back to drinking scotch and splendas? Maybe he will help Dwight with his beet farm? Or maybe he will surprise us all and actually move forward with his business idea. I have to admit his chances are better now that he has Pam in his corner. And according to him, we don’t even know how high he can fly.

By the way did anyone else catch the preview for next week? Ryan works at a bowling alley and has 1995ish bleach blonde hair! Ewww! I love this show!