LOST “He’s Our You” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “He’s Our You”?

Wow, I just spent the whole episode wondering why Sayid wasn’t cooperating and being mad at Sawyer for not trying hard enough to save him. Then it all changed in the last 5 seconds, which turned out to be a huge “oh no that did NOT just happen” moment. Sayid is the man! But what does this mean for the show now?? Is modern day Ben going to disappear? I thought they couldn’t change the past? Maybe he will come back to life. So much of everything that has happened since the beginning of the show has been Ben’s doing; so what’s going to happen if adult Ben never existed? Ahhh..this show makes my head hurt. Will it be like in Back to The Future when pictures start fading? Where is Doc Brown when you need him?

Another thing I found odd was that Sayid seemed to truly be on the Guam flight by accident. Sort of like the same providential force that brought all the original losties to the island on the Oceanic flight. If the lady that captured Sayid was telling the truth, and she wasn’t working with Ben, was it Sayid’s destiny to return to the island? Was killing Ben his destiny? OR was the lady lying? Maybe she was in fact working for Ben, or Charles Widmore.

One thing my friend pointed out to me last week (and I thought it was interesting) is that in season 2 we find out the “others” were only interested in apprehending certain plane victims (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer). These were the same people that would later make it to the island in the Dharma era. Could this be why Ben chose them to be taken in Season 2? He must have remembered them from when he was younger? Did he know Juliet was on the island during the 70s as well? But then again, how could he if he was killed (my head hurts again). Anyway, most of you probably already put that together but I forgot that fact from the older seasons and thought I’d share it in case you have a fuzzy memory like me.

Talk to you next week!