AMERICAN IDOL “Top 10 Performs” Review

American Idol Season 8 Top 10

Tonight, the Top 10 contestants on AMERICAN IDOL Season 8 performed Motown songs.

Let’s find out how everybody did:

Matt Giraud

Matt Giraud - American Idol

Song: “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye

Thoughts: Oh Matt, I just love him. One of my favorite, and this was another great performance.

Rating: 4/4


Kris Allen

Kris Allen - American Idol

Song: “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” by Marvin Gaye

Thoughts: I gotta say, I like Kris. He keeps impressing me each week. I thought it was a pretty great performance.

Rating: 3/4


Scott MacIntyre

Scott MacIntyre - American Idol

Song: “You Can’t Hurry Love” by Diana Ross and the Supremes

Thoughts: I just don’t get Scott, I didn’t think this was very good at all. For me he is one of the weakest in the competition.

Rating: 2/4


Megan Joy

Megan Joy - American Idol

Song: “For Once In My Life” by Stevie Wonder

Thoughts: Wow, that was totally out of tune. Too bad I was starting to like Megan, but this was just not good.

Rating: 1/4


Anoop Desai

Anoop Desai - American Idol

Song: “Oh Baby, Baby” by Smokey Robinson

Thoughts: Wow, I am liking Anoop more and more each week. I went from not caring to loving him, which proves that you can change people’s minds.

Rating: 4/4


Michael Sarver

Michael Sarver - American Idol

Song: “Ain’t Too Pround to Beg” by The Temptations

Thoughts: I thought Matt did an ok job. I wasn’t blown away, but it wasn’t terrible.

Rating: 2/4


Lil Rounds

Lil Rounds - American Idol

Song: “(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandellas

Thoughts: Here is my problem with Lil Rounds, yes she has a big voice, but that’s all. She just doesn’t have that “it” factor. I find her really boring, and I don’t think she’s going to be sticking around until the end.

Rating: 2/4


Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert - American Idol

Song: “The Tracks of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson

Thoughts: It’s official, Adam Lambert is my favorite contestant on American Idol ever. He has an amazing voice, it’s unbelievable.

Rating: 4/4


Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey - American Idol

Song: “Get Ready” by The Temptations

Thoughts: That was a pretty good performance, but I don’t care about Danny as much as I used to.

Rating: 3/4


Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta - American Idol

Song: “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” by The Temptations

Thoughts: Really liked that performance, Allison is really an amazing performer.

Rating: 4/4

So who’s going to be in the bottom three? Here’s who I would put: Scott, Michael, Lil Rounds.

We’ll find out tomorrow if my wishes came true.