GOSSIP GIRL “The Grandfather” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of GOSSIP GIRL “The Grandfather”?

Is it me of was this episode of Gossip Girl really boring? Half way through I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Serena, Dan, and Jenny had pretty much nothing interesting to do during the episode.

Lily and Rufus, well I never really cared for their story anyway.

And I never really cared for Nate and Vanessa either. Come to think of it, I never cared for Vanessa alone either. Whatever happened to Jenny and Nate?

And finally Blair. It just seems that Blair always does the same thing. And in this episode she was just sad.

To top it all, now she’s supposedly going back with Nate? Really? Out of the blue? This sounds more and more like a soap opera and not a good one. Who’s next Dan?

I am quite disappointed with where the story is going right now, and I really hope they fix it soon. What happened to the Gossip Girl from season one?

How did you guys like tonight’s episode? Were you as annoyed as I was by Blair’s behavior?