ABC Family’s ROOMMATES Review

Tamera Mowry, Dorian Brown, Tyler Francavilla - Roommates

Tonight, March 23, ABC Family premieres a new half-hour comedy, ROOMMATES starring David Weidoff, Dorian Brown, Tamera Mowry, Tommy Dewey, and Tyler Francavilla.

When I watched the previews for the show, I thought it looked like a pretty fun new comedy show, but unfortunately, I found the first episode a little boring and unoriginal. Don’t get me wrong there were some fun parts, but overall I just don’t think it’s my cup of tea. Actually (and I cannot believe that I am saying this since I am usually a fan of ABC Family’s shows), I think that for once this show might be targeted at a younger audience than me.

I have come to like half-hour comedies that are a little more “mature,” if you know what I mean. Roommates is a little too PG for me.

That said, it’s not a bad show. I wouldn’t mind watching it here and there, but when there is so much competition out there, I am afraid that Roommates will not be on my schedule.

For those of you interested in checking out Roommates, don’t forget that it premieres tonight, March 23, at 9pm on ABC Family. Watch a preview below.

Synopsis: Roommates follows a group of friends in New York City trying to figure out love and life in their post-collegiate years. Loveable but awkward Mark (Tyler Francavilla) stumbles upon his dream come true when he runs into his old high-school crush, Katie (Dorian Brown), and becomes her new roommate in an attempt to finally win her heart. Unfortunately for Mark, Katie is still in love with her on-again/off-again boyfriend. Further complicating matters, Mark doesn’t hit it off with Katie’s best friend and roommate, Hope (Tamera Mowry), a strong willed executive who Mark learns, unbeknownst to her fellow roommates, has lost her job and now secretly works at a coffee shop. The fourth and final apartment mate is James (Tommy Dewey), who works in the investment world and takes great pleasure in watching Mark’s feeble attempts to win Katie’s favor. Rounding out the group is Mark’s former roommate and best friend, Thom (David Weidoff), a quirky guy who takes an instant liking to Hope.

As they look for love, inside the apartment and out, struggle with their current and future job options, and deal with overbearing parents who can’t seem to let go, the roommates lean on each other to make it through this tough but exciting time of life. Now, if they could just figure out a bathroom schedule that would work for everyone!