SUPERNATURAL “It’s a Terrible Life” Videos

Check out some new videos from SUPERNATURAL‘s new episode, “It’s a Terrible Life.”

After a really amazing episode last week, I’m happy to be able to give you guys an early peek at next week’s episode of Supernatural.

Can you imagine a world in which Dean and Sam didn’t know each other? Well, that’s exactly what is going to happen in “It’s a Terrible Life.” Now, we know Supernatural well enough to know that a demon must be behind it, but it doesn’t prevent us from wondering how Sam and Dean will get out of this one.

Oh and guess who makes an appearance in this new episode? Since Sam and Dean have no idea who they are, they will turn to “professionals.” That’s right it’s our friends from Ghostfacers!!! Who’s excited?! (They appear in the third clip below).

Check out three clips from Supernatural‘s “It’s a Terrible Life” below. And don’t forget to watch Supernatural on Thursday at 9pm on the CW.

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Synopsis: Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are living very different, normal and separate lives and although they are working at the same company and don’t know each other, they find themselves teaming up to solve a mystery with supernatural elements. Guest stars Kurt Fuller as “Mr. Adler.” “It’s A Terrible Life” was written by Sera Gamble and was directed by Jim Conway.