Starz’ HEAD CASE Review

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, Alexandra Wentworth - Head Case

I had some time yesterday to get familiar with the show HEAD CASE, a comedy that’s been on the Starz network since 2007. The focus is on neurotic Hollywood therapist, Dr. Elizabeth Goode and her unconventional sessions with her celebrity clients. Okay, celebrity might be stretching it a little bit. The episode I saw featured Macy Gray, Tori Spelling, and Janeane Garofalo. I expected Garofalo to bring the laughs but was surprised that Macy Gray and Tori spelling were actually good as well.

My first impression was that this was just a 2nd rate Extras with hints of wacky 30 rockish characters, however I have to say as the show went on it really started to grow on me. The jokes are funny and get as offensive as premium cable will allow. I think what synched the deal for me is seeing Janeane Garofalo as one of the celebrity guests. She makes everything better, like cumin and puppies.

If you were into Extras or like Flight of The Conchords, there is a big chance you will dig this show. The only thing really going against it is that it’s on Starz, which I don’t think a lot of people have. If you’re looking for the reinvention of the wheel you won’t find it here, but if want to see a solid show packed with some good laughs be sure to check it out.

Head Case starts tomorrow, March 20, at 10pm on Starz.