AMERICAN IDOL “Top 11 Performs” Review

This week on AMERICAN IDOL Season 8, the Top 11 performed country songs.

First of all, I cannot believe how many of the songs they picked I actually knew, and I don’t even listen to country that much (although my dad is a huge fan).

Second of all, it was finally a night where everyone stepped up, a few people even surprised me.

So let’s find out how everybody did:

Michael Sarver

Michael Sarver - American Idol Top 11

Song: “Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up)” by Garth Brooks

Thoughts: That was pretty bad. He might be in trouble this week.

Rating: 1/4


Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta - American Idol Top 11

Song: “Blame It On Your Heart” by Patty Loveless

Thoughts: I love that song, it always makes me think of the movie “The Thing Called Love.” As for Allison, I think she did a pretty good job.

Rating: 3/4


Kris Allen

Kris Allen - American Idol Top 11

Song: “To Make You Feel My Love” by Garth Brooks

Thoughts: I really love that song, and I thought Kris did an pretty good job.

Rating: 3/4


Lil Rounds

Lil Rounds - American Idol Top 11

Song: “Independence Day” by Martina McBride

Thoughts: I’m sorry but I just don’t really like Lil Rounds, there is nothing exciting about her. I get so bored during her performances. And this one wasn’t much better.

Rating: 2/4


Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert - American Idol Top 11

Song: “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash

Thoughts: OMG Adam Lambert is a God! He is so brilliant, I love him so much. And his voice. I think you guys can guess that he is my favorite. I cannot say enough good things about him. He has got to do a Muse song at some point during the competition.

Rating: 4/4


Scott MacIntyre

Scott MacIntyre - American Idol Top 11

Song: “Wild Angels” by Martina McBride

Thoughts: Well, that was a little boring, especially after Adam Lambert’s performance.

Rating: 2/4


Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace - American Idol Top 11

Song: “Jolene” by Dolly Parton

Thoughts: I thought that performance was ok. I do think she’s a little overhyped though.

Rating: 2/4


Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey - American Idol Top 11

Song: “Jesus Take The Wheel” by Carrie Underwood

Thoughts: Danny is starting to lose my vote. He hasn’t been all that exciting lately. And this performance was good, but didn’t blow me away. Still, he remains among my favorites.

Rating: 3/4


Anoop Desai

Anoop Desai - American Idol Top 11

Song: “Always On My Mind” by Elvis Prestley

Thoughts: Wow! Why didn’t Anoop perform like that before? Finally, I find out he can actually sing, and sing really, really well. I loved it and have a new respect for him. Bravo!

Rating: 4/4


Megan Joy Corkrey

Megan Joy Corkrey - American Idol Top 11

Song: “Walkin’ After Midnight” by Patsy Cline

Thoughts: I didn’t really like Megan Joy that much at first but after last week and this week, she’s growing on me. This performance I thought was pretty good.

Rating: 3/4


Matt Giraud

Matt Giraud - American Idol Top 11

Song: “So Small” by Carrie Underwood

Thoughts: My man Matt! He was amazing! I loved it so much. So glad they took him in the top 13. I even like him better than Danny now. I felt like I was watching a recording artist perform his song.

Rating: 4/4


So who were my favorite of the night? That would be Adam, Matt, and Anoop.

And with that who do I think is going home? Well, I would say the bottom three would be Michael, Lil Rounds, and Scott MacIntyre. But I guess we’ll find out tonight if I’m right.