GOSSIP GIRL “The Age of Dissonance” Review


What did you think of GOSSIP GIRL “The Age of Dissonance”?

For the return of Gossip Girl, we get the gang acting in a play, that couldn’t end well. And it didn’t.

The drama was back on the Upper East side.

As for Chuck, he was doing his own thing, but honestly that was pretty boring. I can’t wait to see him back in action with the gang.

Serena and Blair were going at it again, and Dan was, well Dan.

Overall, an ok episode, but Gossip Girl is still not full on exciting, I am just waiting for next week.

And just for the fun gossip story, Carter Baizen who joins Blair at the very end of the episode is played by Sebastian Stan, who is in fact Leighton Meester’s real life boyfriend. I wonder how their relationship is going to evolve next episode.

So what do you guys say? Were you glad to see the gang back on TV? Did you enjoy Chuck’s side story?