LIE TO ME Episode 7 “The Best Policy”

LIE TO ME Episode 7 “The Best Policy”: Take a sneak peek of the episode airing this Wednesday March 18 at 8pm on FOX. Also catch any Lie To Me episode that you may have missed here (Lie To Me Episodes)

Episode Synopsis: LIE TO ME “The Best Policy” Episode 7 – When Lightman is hired to find a corporate spy at a pharmaceutical company, he discovers a high-level conspiracy surrounding a new drug that could put thousands of lives at risk. The team is also hired by the State Department to assist with negotiations for the release of two Americans imprisoned in Yemen in “The Best Policy” episode of LIE TO ME airing Wednesday, March 18 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (LTM-108) (TV-14 D, L)

Cast: Tim Roth as Cal Lightman, Kelli Williams as Gillian Foster, Monica Raymund as Ria Torres and Brendan Hines as Eli Loker

Guest Cast: Alexa Fischer as Erica Vandeman, Brian Norris as Marcus Holmes, Deidre Henry as A’isha Walker, JD Cullum as Dr. Dembeck, Jeannie Hackett as Diane Holmes, Jessie Lande as Nicole Holmes, John Dugan as P.O.W., Lou Richards as Robert Holmes, Marc Vann as Jim Gunderson, Matt Elliott as Christian Boyce, Sharon Brathwaite as Sarah Coleman, Taryn O’Neill as Heather, Tom Yi as Morimoto, Waleed Zuaiter as Deputy Ambassader Rafid, Wendy Kenya as Christine, D.W. Moffett as Dr. Jeffrey Buchanan

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