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Alexandra Chando, Andrew West - Rockville, CA

Tomorrow, a new webseries from Josh Schwartz (“The O.C.”, “Gossip Girl”, “Chuck”), ROCKVILLE CA, will premiere its first 4 episodes on After that 2 episodes will be posted every Tuesday until May 12. There will be 20 episodes total all ranging between 4-6 minutes each.

I first wrote about Rockville, CA back in November 2008, and since then I was able to take a sneak peek at a few episodes from the show, which I have to say I really enjoyed. If you enjoyed Josh Schwartz’s previous shows, then this one is a must.

Earlier this year, I went to the TCA for Rockville, CA and gathered some additional information to share with you before the premiere tomorrow.

Rockville, CA follows the lives of a group of twentysomethings, who gather at their favorite club, Rockville (a fictional Los Angeles rock venue, where the series takes place), to hear their favorite up-and-coming bands. Each episode Rockville, CA will feature different bands.

Rockville, CA TCA Session

In Josh Schwartz’ words: “I think this is a show about people in their early twenties who are finding themselves, finding their place as adults. They are in that transitional phase. I think a lot of times when you are young, when you are in your early twenties, music and the people who make music have a really sort of powerful affect on you, and sometimes you believe that the artist is the man. And sometimes the guy on the sidelines, who is criticizing the music, might be the better catch.”

As for how the bands for Rockville, CA were picked, executive producer and music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas explained that they “really thought about how a real local rock club would sort out their schedule for a month. A good local club has bands from the area, and that’s the backbone of any club.”

They also looked at what was coming out this spring, and tried to come up with an interesting and eclectic group of 20 bands.

Each band performance will be between 15 to 20 seconds long in each episode. Although, we do hear them play in the background throughout the episode.

Also in order to make the show as realistic as possible, Josh Schwartz reached out to some rock journalists and critics for help in sharing their own experience living in that universe.

Matt Cohen , Alexandra Chando, Ryan Hansen, Bonnie Burroughs - Rockville, CA

Rockville, CA was shot in a local club in Los Angeles called the Echoplex. So they would shoot during the day and everything had to come down at night for the Echo at night. Turns out some of the bands on Rockville, CA also had a gig at the Echo. So in the morning they would perform on Rockville, CA, and then later at night at The Echo.

Also the 20 live performances of two songs each were recorded on set and that’s what we will be hearing on Rockville, CA, and not their album track.

Finally, since each episode shows only a little bit of the bands’ performances, you will be able to watch the live performances in their entirety online as well.

Rockville, CA stars Andrew West (“Privileged”), Alexandra Chando (“As the World Turns”), Jelly Howie (“Dexter,” “CSI: Miami”), Ryan Hansen (“Veronica Mars,” “Las Vegas”), Matt Cohen (“South of Nowhere,” “Supernatural”), Bonnie Burroughs (“Cold Case,” “Eli Stone”), Lester Speight (“Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay”) and Chris Yen (“A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy”).

Rockville, CA TCA Session

So now, let’s find out what some of the cast had to say:

ALEXANDRA CHANDO (Deb) on what attracted her to the project: “Well, obviously, working with Josh [Schwartz] and Alex [Patsavas] was very appealing knowing what they have done in the past and the things that they have created, but also, just reading the pilot, it’s very smart and well written. And I just really kind of automatically became interested in these characters and these people involved in this music industry, and so that was very appealing to me, the quality of the material.”

ANDREW WEST (Hunter) on what attracted him to the project: “As an actor, you get a lot of material, you read a lot of scripts, and when something really kind of jumps out at you and grabs you, it’s a fantastic feeling, you know. And, for me, when I read the first pilot episode, this was definitely one of those projects. So, yeah, I mean, as far as it being a web series as opposed to a TV show or film, it didn’t really matter. I mean, it was just a really great script. It was a fantastic character that I really wanted to get involved with, and so that was the appeal to me for sure. And just sort of this world that was created in the very first pilot episode was interesting and fun, so yeah.

MATT COHEN (Syd) on what attracted him to the project: I think also the — just the absolute hybrid of the music playing such a big role in the series, it really brings a freshness, just a different feel to a series. The material was there. You have the music, and you just kind of have this fresh feeling you are getting involved in something that could really, really be fun, and make a statement.

Rockville, CA TCA Session

ALEXANDRA CHANDO (Deb) on the difference between a regular show and a webseries: “Well, for me, it was different because I was on a soap opera for two and a half years, so aside from the time, definitely, the ability to perfect your scene and the quality of the scene. In a soap opera, it’s kind of like a machine. You just kind of pump out the scenes. You have one or two takes, and that’s it, whereas, with this, we filmed it as if it were a movie, all out of order. And, Norman, our director, was incredible. Even though we were kind of on a time crunch, he still allowed us to really find the layers and take the beats and the scenes that make them what they were. So, for me, that was totally different and refreshing.”

ANDREW WEST (Hunter) on the difference between a regular show and a webseries: “It very much felt more like an indie film shoot than your traditional TV show, in my experience anyway. It was just smaller, and it just had more of, like, a family kind of vibe, and it was like we are all going to try and sort of create something special out of this little project that we have, and it didn’t feel quite as rushed even though, like we said, we were on time constraints and that kind of thing. But, yeah, it was a really creative atmosphere that just wasn’t just as fast-paced and in and out as a lot of the TV series.”

And even on their days off, the cast would sometimes come on set anyway and watch the bands perform and hang out with everyone.

At the time, Josh Schwartz didn’t know whether Rockville, CA would be released on DVD, but the good news is that they do have the music rights if they decide to.

Don’t forget that Rockville, CA premieres tomorrow on, make sure to check it out.

Watch the preview for Rockville, CA below.