RELATIVE STRANGER on Hallmark Channel

Relative Stranger Hallmark

RELATIVE STRANGER premieres tonight, March 14, at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel. The movie stars Eriq La Salle (“ER”), Cicely Tyson (“Diary of a Mad Black Woman”), Michael Michele (“ER”) and Michael Beach (“Third Watch”).

You know I usually like Hallmark films, and although this one is not really my cup of tea, I think some of you might actually enjoy it.

Having seen the movie, I think it can touch some of you and you might even be able to relate. It follows the story of Walter Clemons who comes home to Los Angeles after he learns his father died. Walter left his family six year earlier, and as you can guess, they are not too pleased to see him back in their lives.

I can tell you this, the kid playing Walter’s son will break your heart. He has such an incredible scene towards the end of the movie, I know I had tears in my eyes.

Don’t forget that Relative Stranger premieres tonight, March 14, at 8pm on the Hallmark Channel.

Watch the preview for Relative Stranger below.

Relative Stranger Synopsis: After learning of the death of his overbearing father, former football hero Walter Clemons (Eriq La Salle) comes home to Los Angeles to claim his share of the estate. Having abandoned his family six years earlier, Walter is in for a tough trip – a visit which involves dealing with the hurts he inflicted on his wife, Charlotte (Michael Michele), their children, Denise (Dana Davis) and Andy (Carlos McCullers) and his own brother, James (Beach), who has become a surrogate father to the kids. Can he count on his mother (Miss CicelyTyson) to help him through this emotional obstacle course, or is it best for all that he return to the empty life from which he came?

While Andy was too young to remember his father – or his leaving – the wounds are still far too fresh for teenager Denise, herself a young athlete, who has no interest in seeing her father return to cause more harm. His estranged wife and brother have each moved on in their own way, challenging Walter’s relationships with both. His elderly mother, wise with age, tries to guide the family through their struggles with one another – but will Walter, a recovering alcoholic, be able to survive the emotional onslaught his family brings to the table, as well as his own?