THE OFFICE “Golden Ticket” Review

The Office Cast

What did you think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Golden Ticket”?

In the words of the late Rick James – “Cooold Blooded!” Michael trying to get Dwight to take the fall for him was so out of line! He’s definitely got some bad karma coming his way. It would be great if they promoted Dwight or Jim and demoted Michael ha ha! I wonder if corporate will ever fire Michael? He’s deserved it so many times over the years but they never do anything. He really should have cut his losses and let Dwight get the credit. Now he just looks like an idiot (well more of an idiot than usual). I loved how everyone got behind Dwight and tried to give him credit for the Golden Ticket idea. It’s great how they can fight amongst themselves but then come together to look out for one another.

I feel like the writers are setting it up for something big to happen. For those of you not familiar with the British version of The Office, in the second season, two branches combined and they brought in a new manager. This new manager was a lot more well liked than the existing boss (Michael’s character). Do you think the writers will try to bring that story line into this season? It would certainly shake things up. Maybe Michael will get fired and start up “Shoe La La” lol. I think it’s more likely that either he will get let go, demoted, or they will combine branches and bring in a new manager. What do you guys predict?

I was so happy that Kevin got his date. Also, did anyone else notice that he was drinking from the mug that Kelly made him when he was in the break room? Andy seemed a little sad/jealous over Kevin finding love. I wonder if he is going to find a rebound?