LIE TO ME “Do Not Harm” Review


And yet again another great episode of LIE TO ME. Probably one of my favorite so far.

This time, Lightman teams up with Foster in order to find a missing girl (played by Madeline Carroll, who funny enough I had just seen in the movie Swing Vote). As for Torres and Loker they have to find out whether a peace activist is telling the truth about what happened to her.

My favorite story of course was Lightman’s case. Actually, he is the only one who has interesting techniques to find out whether people are lying. Like faking calling his daughter a “bitch” so that Foster could examine the parents’ reaction.

Oh and by the way, I had not guessed that it was the psychologist that took the girl all along.

As for the other case involving Farida Mugisha, to be honest that was a little more boring. I just don’t get the same thrill watching Torres and Loker working a case that I get watching Lightman.

So what did we learn? Well turns out, if you’re talking to someone about something and they touch their ear, it probably means they’re hiding something. I’m going to try this one out this week and see what I can dig up on my friend, hahahaha (*evil laugh*).

What about you guys, how did you like the teaming of Lightman/Foster and Torres/Loker?