AMERICAN IDOL “2 out of 13 Sent Home” Review

Last night on AMERICAN IDOL Season 8, the first two contestants were sent home.

To be honest the result shows are always pretty boring. I always end up fast-forwarding until someone gets eliminated. The only new thing worth noting was that now the judges have the chance to save someone that gets eliminated up to the top 5.

I don’t know why they keep changing the rules and putting more power into the judges’ hands. I thought America was supposed to decide. So what they’re saying is that it’s ok for America to decide, unless they don’t agree with them. Nice!

But on to the interesting part. Who went home?

Jasmine and Jorge

Jasmine, Jorge

Honestly not a big surprise, although I did like Jorge than Anoop.

And did the judges save either one of them, of course not, did you really expect them to?

I hope next week’s show is more interesting.

What about you guys, did you agree with tonight’s elimination?