Alex O’Loughlin on CRIMINAL MINDS First Look Pictures

Alex O'Loughlin - Criminal Minds

Remember how I told you a while back that Alex O’Loughlin (“Moonlight”) would guest star in an episode of CRIMINAL MINDS in April? Well, I can now not only tell you that the episode, “The Big Wheel,” will air on April 29, but I can offer you two pictures that give you a first look at Alex O’Loughlin in character.

That’s a change that is from his days as Mick St. John, isn’t it?! I cannot wait to see that episode. Don’t forget to tune in on April 29 at 9pm on CBS.

Who’s excited?

Alex O'Loughlin - Criminal Minds

Synopsis: “The Big Wheel” – When the team is sent a videotape from a serial killer (Alex O’Loughlin) detailing one of his crimes, they discover a hidden message asking them to help him stop his murderous ways.