LOST “LaFleur” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “LaFleur”?

I was happy to see Sawyer, Juliet, Faraday, and Jin this episode. It looks like they have finally settled in a permanent point in time, which could now be a bad thing (since they are stuck approx 30 years in the past). It explains why we saw Jin in the Darma jumpsuit earlier in the season. Does this mean that more people from the plane may have appeared in the same point in time, or just Hurley, Jack, and Kate? It seems that most of the new crash is in the present, so are Locke and Ben somewhere in the future? Do you think the others will stay in the 70s? I guess all shall be revealed. Faraday said the time warp was permanent but I’m hoping that it’s not. Jin and Sun better end up in the same time or I will be mad!

I’m also interested to see what relationship might have developed between the losties and Richard Alpert over the last 3 years. Richard knows they are not part of Darma; I wonder if this will help them when the other’s have their revolution against the Darma folks? I wonder what made Sawyer and Juliet opt to stay on the island in the end? For the first time Sawyer actually looked peaceful when he was with Juliet. Now it looks like he’s going to get his world turned upside down with the return of Kate. Another thing I was curious about is Ben. Wouldn’t he be on the island with Darma during that time?

Speaking of Ben, we still don’t know how he got his cuts and bruises. I think a theory that most of us share is that he might have attacked Desmond and Penny. I hope we learn more about that story line next episode.