LIE TO ME “Unchained” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of LIE TO ME “Unchained”?

I don’t think I need to remind you what a big fan of this show I am, so I’ll dive right in to what I thought about tonight’s episode.

I am kind of liking the two parallel storylines that we get every episode, it’s double the fun.

This week we got a rehabilitated gang leader being diagnosed by Lightman and Torres, and a firehouse under investigation for a possible murder of one of the firefighters by Foster and Loker.

Of course my favorite of the two was the gang leader. I loved how Lightman could distinguish between what was residual anger and the real thing. It doesn’t only come down to recognizing the expression, but to actually doing research on the human response and how we evolve. I find it fascinating.
The only thing is that I had figured out the whole deal with the wife of the man killed by Manny Trillo in the very first interview, when we saw that she didn’t believe one thing she was saying. By the way, who’s totally going to be looking at people shaking their heads when they are telling you something. I am!

As for the firefighters, I actually didn’t figure out who had done it. But it was so interesting to look at all the different expressions the dead firefighter elicited in other people.

Also who else loved learning about group dynamics? It’s as if I’m taking a class every week when I watch Lie To Me, except that I actually enjoy it.

Is it next Wednesday yet? I want more Lie to Me?

What about you guys? Are there any expressions that you recognized from seeing them in other people? Also who would love to to see Lightman and Loker team up once?