ANGEL OF DEATH Webseries Review

Zoe Bell, Ed Brubaker - Angel of Death

Today the first episode of the new webseries, ANGEL OF DEATH, hit the web on

I had already written about Angel of Death a while back, so I was kind of excited to be given the chance to preview episode 1-4.

After today, each episode will premiere every weekday. There will be 10 episodes total. After that, Angel of Death will be released with new footage on DVD as a full length feature.

Angel of Death stars Zoe Bell, Doug Jones, Vail Bloom, Lucy Lawless, and was created and written by comic book author Ed Brubaker.

Before I tell you what I thought about the 4 episodes I got a chance to check out, I need to first mention that I am not usually a fan of webseries. I hate having to watch them on my computer and never end up watching any. My favorite (and the only one that I have watched in its entirety) so far has been of course Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

So of course, I wasn’t necessarily inclined to start watching Angel of Death, but I had seen a preview which looked pretty good and since 4 episode were available to watch, I thought why not. Well, turns out I’m actually pretty impressed with the quality of the series. Zoe Bell can kick some butt! It’s a pretty intense, pretty violent series.

The first episode establishes things and sets up the premise for Angel of Death and shows us the event that result in Eve’s (Zoe Bell) change of attitude. But the real meaty things come in in the following episodes. In fact, when I first sat down to watch Angel of Death I was planning of watching one maybe two episode and then watch the rest later. Well half an hour later I had watched all four and was left wanting for more.

You want action, Angel of Death has it, and the story is also surprisingly good. And if you don’t believe me, you can watch the first episode of Angel of Death below. And don’t forget to tune in for more episodes on

Synopsis: Angel of Death is an action packed thriller about a remorseless assassin, Eve (Zoe Bell), employed by a ruthless crime family. After suffering a severe head trauma while on the job, she begins to hallucinate and becomes haunted by her victims. As a result of her injury, Eve is driven to seek revenge on those who ordered the hits in the first place — her mob employers.

  • AoD was a good web series, but I’m curious why so many reviewers preface reviews of web series by first having to state how they don’t like web series? I mean television reviewers don’t start a review of a show by declaring how they don’t watch television.  I just find it a bit irritating since a web series is no different than any other form of entertainment vying for our attention.  You have to wade through a bunch of garbage to find the gems.  The plus is a web series generally doesn’t  waste nearly as much of your time.

    Second why wouldn’t the quality be anything but great? It was filmed with a professional crew and utilized professional actors (just like Dr. Horrible).  Hopefully this isn’t the attitude that everyone brings to this new thing called the webisode, where the only things people watch are when the big boys try their hand at it.  Otherwise it too will start to only pander to the lowest common denominator like Hollywood and television.