Lifetime’s AMERICA First Look

Lifetime's America Poster

Tonight at 9pm, Lifetime will premiere a new original movie, AMERICA, starring Rosie O’Donnell and newcomer Philip Johnson.

America tells the story of a seventeen-year old boy’s journey through the foster care system.

America was pretty good. It’s not a very original story and it does have some cliche, but if you don’t mind them I think you will enjoy it.

Philip Johnson does a pretty good job overall as America, and I enjoyed watching his portrayal. Although I do have to admit that some of the other actors could have been better. It was hard to get into some scenes because I just didn’t believe them.

Overall, it is a touching story that I think some of you might enjoy. Although I have to warn you that it’s obviously not a cheerful movie.

Don’t forget that America premieres tonight on Lifetime at 9pm.

Watch a preview for America below.

America Synopsis: Based on E.R. Frank’s book of the same name, the fi lm takes viewers on the emotional journey of seventeen-year-old America as he navigates the United States foster care system. O’Donnell leads the cast as a therapist who gives America the support to deal with his troubled past and fi nd the courage to survive against all odds.