LOST “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” Review (Season 5 Episode 7)


What did you think of tonight’s episode of LOST, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”?

First let’s review what we know. We know that the plane did crash but that Jack and the other survivors disappeared before the plane crashed. We know that Locke is damn hard to kill. He’s been shot, in a car accident, thrown from a window and yet he lived… well up until Ben took care of him. We know that Ben lied about how Locke died, but that kind of makes sense given the circumstances. Also, we see that the other people on board the plane lived and that the plane crashed on the island in one piece (maybe the Hudson River pilot is also Lapidus). The mysterious boats were on the island when the plane crashed, but the pilot and “a girl” took one (Kate?). The strange man that has visited Locke throughout his life was Widmore’s man (Matthew Abaddon).

Now let’s talk about what we don’t know. Ben killed Abaddon and Locke, but did he have a good reason for doing this? Widmore appeared to be trying to help Locke prevent a “war” from destroying the island; can we trust him? It seems like Ben and Widmore wanted pretty much the same thing, for the old losties to return to the island. So why are they enemies? Did Ben really have Widmore banished? It seemed there was only one reason for Locke to NOT go back to the island and that was Helen, the only woman he loved. Didn’t it seem kind of odd that she was dead, when she was the only thing that could have possibly kept him there? Was it a fake grave stone? Also, Ben didn’t disappear with the rest of the island veterans. Was he not meant to go back? Before he moved the island he told Locke that whoever moved the island wasn’t allowed to go back. Then we see him as one of the injured passengers, will there be consequences to his actions?