MARK VALLEY (John Scott) Talks Fringe

Mark Valley (John Scott) - Fringe

A few weeks ago, Mark Valley who plays John Scott on FRINGE, took some time out of his day to answer a few questions about the show during a conference call with the press.

Mark Valley was asked about his contractual status with the show, unfortunately he couldn’t reveal too much, but he did mention that he was never signed up to be a regular. So it’s pretty much a guessing game as to when he will be called back for an episode.

He did tease that we would see both John in flesh and in Olivia’s mind, but he couldn’t really confirm in what shape he’ll be.

When asked about his theory of who/what John Scott is, Valley joked that “He’s working for the government and he’s working for the post office, and he’s a disgruntled postal worker.”

But whether’s he’s good or bad, “there’s a degree of guilt that he carries around with him,” according to Valley.

Turns out he doesn’t really know the story in advance, all he knows is what he reads in the script.

And for those of you wondering who is favorite to work with on the show, well it’s Anna Torv of course (which is not a surprise since these two just got married earlier this month).

His most memorable moment on the show was when he was covered in goo and prosthetic muscle all over, and when he was walking down the hallway someone freaked out, that’s how good he looked.

And finally I have to share one of my favorite quotes from an interview:

“Can you imagine being on an airplane with J.J. Abrams, thinking about what’s going through his head?”

Fun fact: Mark Valley is a big fan of Star Trek. Captain Kirk was his favorite.