HEROES “Cold Wars” (Season 3 Episode 17)

Watch a sneak peek from HEROES Season 3 Episode 17 “Cold Wars” airing this Monday, February 23 at 9pm on NBC.

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Episode Synopsis: HEROES “Cold Wars” (Season 3 Episode 17) – While being held hostage, HRG (Jack Coleman) is subjected to Matt Parkman’s (Greg Grunberg) unique brand of interrogation, revealing how he became involved with Nathan’s (Adrian Pasdar) government plot to capture those with abilities. Meanwhile, Matt’s discoveries bring Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) face-to-face with “The Hunter” (guest star Zeljko Ivanek). Sendhil Ramamurthy and Cristine Rose also star. Ashley Crow also guest stars.

Show Cast: Hayden Panettiere, Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka, Adrian Pasdar, Jack Coleman, James Kyson Lee, Zachary Quinto, Cristine Rose, Ali Larter, Dania Ramirez, Milo Ventimiglia, Sendhil Ramamurthy