Alex O’Loughlin to Guest Star on CRIMINAL MINDS

All the Moonlight fans know that I had to write about this one. According to Michael Ausiello, Alex O’Loughlin (aka Mick St John) will guest star in CBS’ Criminal Minds.

Apparently, the episode, which is scheduled to air in April, will focus on a case from the point-of-view of the serial killer played by Alex O’Loughlin. That won’t be too far away from his portrayal of a killer on Feed (very disturbing movie by the way).

Even though I am a fan of Criminal Minds, I sometimes find it hard to watch because of the subject matter, but you know I will definitely tune in for the Alex O’Loughlin episode.

So what do you Moonlight fans say? Are you excited to see Alex O’Loughlin back on TV?